Template Builder (Windows)

TemplateBuilder is a Java based installer using IzPack to configure Windows, Linux, (and OSX/Solaris in the future) templates for use within CON3RT. It performs the following actions for Windows:

  1. Makes the changes in the registry to disable UAC and Auto Windows Update. Add Windows Update to run once after the first boot
  2. Enables Remote Desktop
  3. Shows My Computer on the Desktop
  4. Disables the Windows Firewall
  5. Copies in cons3rt_agent_sync.bat to \windows\temp and updates to point to WebDAV URL based on input during installation
  6. Removes procrun from old location of c:\commons-daemon if still installed
  7. Installs procrun to the c:\cons3rt-agent\tools directory and registers it as the cons3rt-agent service
  8. Copies a portable version of the Java JRE (currently Java 8u92) to c:\cons3rt-agent\tools
  9. Adds DoD root certs to Java keychain within c:\cons3rt-agent\tools\jre\lib\security

Running Template Builder

  1. Install Windows and run updates
  2. Mount TemplateBuilder ISO
  3. Browse to CD-ROM within Windows if Windows didn't autolaunch within Explorer
  4. Right click on runme.cmd, and choose "Run as Administrator." script will determine java architecture (x86/x64) and if load is required. script will autolaunch jar installer; accept defaults
  5. When installation has completed, system will automatically reboot
  6. After logging back in, Windows should auto launch Windows Update if you choose to put in any additional Windows Updates
  7. Eject the ISO and System should be ready for registration into CONS3RT