Template Builder (Linux)

TemplateBuilder is a Java based installer using IzPack to configure Windows, Linux, (and OSX/Solaris in the future) templates for use within CON3RT. It performs the following actions for Linux:

  1. Disables the following services if they are installed: iptables, ip6tables, bluetooth, hidd, cups, pcscd, microcode_ctl, cpuspeed NetworkManager
  2. Enables the following service if they are installed: autos (will be deprecated in future versions), portmap (will be deprecated in future versions), ntpd
  3. Sets timezone to EST
  4. Runs yum -qa remove esc
  5. Runs restorecon -R -v
  6. Removes Commons-Daemon from old location of /opt if still installed
  7. Copies Commons-Daemon to /opt/cons3rt-agent/tools
  8. Configures VNC (must already be installed)
  9. Cleans up prior versions of fapagent or cons3rtaent service (if any) and copies in the cons3rtAgentInstaller service
  10. Copies Java JRE (currently Java 8u92) to /opt/cons3rt-agent/tool. This is not registered to the system.
  11. Adds DoD root certs to Java keychain within /opt/cons3rt-agent/tools/jre/lib/security

Prior to installation, you will want to have the WebDAV URL for the environment ready as required for installation to complete successfully.

  1. Install VNC if required in your VM. On Red Hat based systems, this requires xinetd, gdm and a vncserver such as tigervnc-server to be installed
  2. Mount TemplateBuilder ISO
  3. Open a shell and change directories to the CD mount location, with Red Hat typically /media/TemplateBuilder
  4. If not logged in as root, run with sudo rune.sh. script will determine java architecture (x86/x64) and if load is required, then it will copy installer jar to tmp. script will autolaunch jar installer from tmp; accept defaults
  5. When installation has completed, reboot and eject the ISO. At that point, the system should be ready for registration into CONS3RT