Linux STIG Partitioning

In order to support the evolving work being done by users, we are in the process of updating the STIG Partitioning layout of Linux VMs in HmC local clouds. The new schema strikes a balance for OS based and container based applications. These partitions are created using Logical Volume Management (LVM) so users can add up to four additional disks to support growing or adding additional mount points. Please see this KB for additional guidance on how to add additional disks:

Mount Current New
/ 30gb 15gb
/home 10gb 10gb
/opt 40gb 24gb
/tmp 8gb 8gb
/var 4gb 24gb
/var/log 2gb 8gb
/var/log/audit 1gb 6gb
/boot 1gb 1gb
swap 4gb 4gb

The following templates have been updated to this new partitioning scheme:

Template Hanscom Cloud HCIC Cloud Hanscom Secondary Cloud
Red Hat 7 April 9, 2019 Target 4/16/19 Target 4/16/19
Red Hat 6 April 15, 2019 Target 4/16/19 Target 4/16/19