Managing the Express User Interface

The Express User Interface

The Express User Interface (EUI) is a way to access, deploy and undeploy selected deployments in a simplified tiled view without other distracting elements. This Express User Interface is specially designed for users that only need to consume compositions created for them by other developers. Users accessing the Express User Interface will utilize published Runs and Scenarios that have published as Compositions.

For more information on developing and publishing compositions, see the KB here: Compositions.  For more information on what Express Users will see, see this KB: Express User Interface.

Managing the Express User Interface

Roles in the Express User Interface

In the Express User Interface, there are two major roles:

  1. Express User
  2. Composition Publisher

If you are unclear if you have sufficient permissions to change user roles as described below, contact your Project Owner or Team Manager for more details. If you do have the necessary permissions to manage projects and membership, see this KB for more information on roles in Cons3rt or HmC.

The Express User is the consumer of compositions, and sees the simplified Express User Interface by default. Express Users need to have the first two checkboxes selected as depicted in the screenshot below. If any other boxes are checked, the user in question will see the ordinary UI. New users to HmC or Cons3rt will not have this mode enabled by default and Project Owners or Team Managers will need to unselect the third checkbox in the user permissions to make the Express User Interface visible to these users.

EUI User

The Express User relies on the Composition Publisher role to publish proven and tested runs or scenarios as compositions. The Composition Publisher role requires the checkbox circled in red in the screenshot below to allow the selected user to publish and manage Compositions.

Standard users or Composition Publishers can enter the Express User Interface by hovering over the Account Management Icon in the upper right and selecting Express Mode. This new shortcut gives Standard users quick and easy access to the Express UI for troubleshooting. To return to the Standard Interface, select Exit Express Mode from the same dropdown menu.

Note, Express Users are dependent on published compositions made available to them by other project members with the Composition Publisher role. Express Users entering a project with no published composition will be greeted with a blank screen with no "tiles" until a composition has been published that they can access. Please ensure that compositions have been published in the relevant project to avoid potential confusion.

Composition Publisher

More Help

Learn more about the Express User Interface with our YouTube video tutorials:

If you have additional questions, or find yourself having difficulties managing the Express User Interface, please feel free to contact support at