Managing Project Resources

Project Owners and Team Managers can specify and modify resources within projects.

Resource Management Permissions

In order to manage resources in your project, you will need to be granted the proper permissions. Project Owner permissions can be granted either by the Team Manager, or another existing project Owner in your project. Team Managers automatically inherit this permission.

Resource Management

Resources in HmC have a straightforward hierarchy. All resources purchased for HmC are allocated to the Team, managed by the Team Manager. The available team resources are then split between any number of Cloudspaces within the given team. Projects can only provision and access resources in assigned Cloudspaces. Team Managers and Project Owners for a specific Project can set limits on how many resources a Project can consume (ie. project A is set to a maximum of 13 VMs and 64GB of RAM out of a Total of 25 VMs and 128GB of RAM in the team). All project resources are superseded by the Team resource allocation. For instance if the Team only has a package with 10 CPU allocations, no single project or combination of projects within the Team can exceed 10 CPUs.

It is possible to set Projects to "unlimited" usage, which simply means that the project can consume all resources up to the team limits. It's important to set Project limits if there is more than a single project on a team, because Projects may not have visibility into other areas, and it's possible for a single team to severely limit another teams available resources without close oversight by a Team Manager.

Adjusting Project Resources

As a Team or project management user:

  1. Click Project on the left pop-out pane
  2. Click on the Project whose resources which need to be adjusted
  3. Click Manage on the upper right
  4. Scroll down to the section "Project Limits"
  5. Adjust the desired project limits
  6. Click SAVE (the system will alert you for any conflicts)

Note: resources often need to be freed from one project before they can be reallocated to another project.

Set a Default Cloudspace

Team Managers and Project Owners can set a default cloudspace for a project. This is useful if you have a project connected to more than 1 cloudspace, it will be the automatic selection when launching deployment runs.

  1. Click on Projects on the main menu
  2. Click on Cloudspaces
  3. Click the Set Default button as desired to set the project's default cloudspace

For more information on managing cloudspaces see: