Managing Project Members

Project Managers and Team Managers can add and remove members in their projects.

Add Members to your Project

There are 2 methods for getting members added to your project, one for adding existing HmC members, and another for inviting other people to your project.

  • From the main navigation menu, select Projects
  • Click on the project to manage
  • On the project page select the Members tab
  • To add members that already have HmC accounts:
  1. Click the Add People button
  2. Browse members, or type to search for members, click members to add to your project, and click Done
  • To invite people to HmC that do not have HmC accounts:
  1. Type an email address next to the Invite Users button
  2. Click the Invite Users to send an invite code
  3. The person should receive an email with an invite code to register for HmC

View the Status of Invited/Requested Users

  1. From the main navigation menu, select Projects
  2. Click on the project to manage
  3. On the project page select the Members tab
  4. On the left hand side, under 'Status' select the Requested button

Note: To revoke an invite code, simply click the "X" button on the invite code shown

Remove Members

To remove members from your project:

  • Select Projects from the main navigation menu on the left-hand side
  • Click on a project that you manage
  • On the project page, click on the Members tab
  • Click on the down arrow at the top-right of a member card and select Remove from project

Become a Project Owner

In order to manage users in your project, you will need to be granted the proper permissions. Project manager permissions can be granted either by the community team, your Team Manager, or an existing manager in your project.

  • If you are the first member of your project and need to become a project manager, please email and request the project manager role.
  • If you have an existing Team Manager or Project Manager, he/she can grant the project manager role

Assigning the Project Manager Role

To grant the project manager role, set the Can moderate project membership permission as shown:

Project Manager

More Help

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