Create a Project

As a team manager you can add projects for your team, up until the team limit for max number of projects is reached. Some reasons to create a new project:

  • You would like to separate members of your team so they can't see each others' runs, hosts, and assets
  • You have a vendor that would like a private project space
  • You want to delegate roles and permissions management between multiple projects

You must be a team manager to create projects, otherwise you will not see "projects" on the main menu

To create a new project:

  • On the main menu, click the Add button next to Projects
  • Add a name for the project under what do you want to call it?
  • [OPTIONAL] Add a description
  • [OPTIONAL] If desired, check the Private checkbox. Please note, this will make the project invisible to anyone that is not a member of the project
  • [OPTIONAL] Set an expiration date for the project if desired. If left blank, the project expiration will default to the overall team expiration date
  • [OPTIONAL] Set resources limits for Max number of VMs, CPU, Memory(RAM), and Storage. If left blank, the project can use resources up to the team limit
  • Click Create Project

Once the project is created you will need to:

More Help

Learn more about creating a project via our Youtube video series: