Custom Username and Password

While launching a Deployment you are required to supply a custom username and password. Once your Run is submitted, CONS3RT will provision each host in the run and create an Operating System (OS) user with the username and password that you supplied.

Password Complexity Requirements

The password must not contain < or > characters

The custom password has to meet the complexity requirements enabled on the Operating System. There is some on-screen guidance for password complexity. If the rules are not met, your Run will fail with the following error:

AgentCheckInMonitor failed to detect initial check in for CONS3RT agent on dr after 900 seconds

The default rules for a Windows system are available here:

Retrieve Your Credentials

After launching your Run, you may need to retrieve your credentials later on. To retrieve your credentials:

  • On the Run page, click on the card for the host you'd like to connect to, this will open the details page for the host.
  • On the left-side of the page under Your Credentials, click the Show button to retrieve your credentials.

Note: the details page only reflects credentials set when the Run was initially launched, and would not reflect changes made in assets or manually.

Linux Custom User

On Linux, your custom user has sudo privileges. To become root:

  1. Log in as your host over SSH or VNC as the custom user, and use your custom password
  2. As your custom user, type sudo su -, and type your custom password

Windows Custom User

On Windows, your custom user is a member of the "Administrators" group, thus has full administrator privileges.

More Help

Learn more about creating and launching Deployment Runs in CONS3RT with our YouTube tutorials: