CAC Pass-Through

CAC Pass-Through is the process of using a Common Access Card (CAC) connected to the client device for authentication when logging on to a CAC-required site via a Windows VM. Users can also use the smart card within the session.

HmC Supported Systems

For each of the systems listed below, CAC Pass-Through functionality has been validated out of the box, required nothing additional on the client (although certs must be loaded onto the VM for access to DoD sites).

Supported Operating Systems:

USAF Standard Desktop (Windows 10)

Windows 2012 R2

Windows 2016

Windows 10

Windows 2008 R2

Note: Be aware the local CAC reader/machine can go to sleep and require reinsertion of the CAC.

Note: Microsoft Mac RDP clients can use the RDP session file, however inconsistent results are possible when passing CAC credentials through a given session.

Note: There may be a FIPS error when trying to connect to the USAF Desktop through a Mac client