Import a Test Asset

This article describes import a Test Asset for one of the Elastic Test Tools (e.g. Nessus, Fortify, Sonar) into HmC

Import Test Assets

  • First, create a zip file containing the contents of your Test Asset
  • Next to Tests on the main menu, click Add (Note: if you do not see

Note: If you do not see the Add button, you do not have asset developer permissions in your project. Contact one of your project owners to adjust your permissions.

  • Drag and Drop or select your Test Asset Zip File
  • You will receive an email when the Asset import has completed
  • After importing, your Test Asset is available under Tests

See this article on Elastic Test Tools for info about deploying your test asset and retrieving test results!

Updating Test Assets

As the asset owner, if your test asset is in the In Development state then you can update your test asset:

  • First, on your local device, make desired changes to the Test Asset scripts, media, and/or config files
  • Create a new zip file of the contents of your Test Asset
  • Navigate to Tests on the main menu
  • Browse or search for your Test Asset
  • Click the Test Asset to open the Test Asset page
  • Click the Re-Import button at the top-right
  • Drag and drop the zip file containing the updated Test Asset
  • You will receive an email when the update completes
  • Your Test Asset updates will be used in any Re-Test or Re-run of a deployment containing your test asset

More Help

Learn more about importing test assets via our Youtube video series: