CONS3RT Jenkins Plugin

The CONS3RT Jenkins plugin provides users with the ability to create CONS3RT software assets as part of the Jenkins build. The plugin also allows for users to upload their asset, created as a function of their build, to a CONS3RT site. This allows for the creation of new assets or the update of existing assets as part of a CI pipeline.

In addition to asset creation or update, users can also leverage the deployment run option in the post-build action section of the plugin to launch new deployment runs that leverage their newly updated asset(s). The CONS3RT plugin allows for the full customization and configuration of deployment runs.

Plugin Capabilities:
* Create a CONS3RT asset during build to include the latest artifacts
* Create a new asset in a CONS3RT site
* Update an existing asset within a site
* Launch an existing deployment
* Fully configure and customize a deployment run

Getting Started

The Jenkins plugin can be downloaded via or accessed at

After installing the plugin, you'll get a new Post-Build entry named "Create a CONS3RT Asset" and a Post-Build Action entry named "Create or Update a CONS3RT Asset". These actions will allow for the creation and upload of an asset to a CONS3RT site. In order to upload your asset to a site, a site url and ReST token must first be provided, with the latter taking the form of a Jenkins secret-text credential.

Post-Build Step - "Create a CONS3RT Asset"

It is here that a user can define an asset for creation. The asset to be created must have a name defined (this name will be reflected in the CONS3RT site following upload). In addition, a user can specify a description and versioning information about their asset.

The resource requirements of an asset can also be defined, denoting what things are required on the underlying system for the asset to run, including platform, architecture, bits, cpu, ram, and finally storage. Each of these fields can either be set or omitted and will serve to determine what systems the asset can run on once it has been imported into the CONS3RT site. Lastly, the contents of the asset are defined.

Post-Build Action - "Create or Update a CONS3RT Asset"

In order to use this portion of the CONS3RT plugin, a site configuration must first be added. This site configuration defines a user account and CONS3RT site to connect to. A site url and ReST Token must be provided. The ReST Token must taken the form of a "secret text" Jenkins credential. This credential object can either come from or be added to the global credentials store (Jenkins) so that any user can you that credential or the local user's credential store (User: Example User), which only that user will have access to.

(Note: if a user's local credential is used, it may prevent other users from using or editing the job, as they will only have access to their own credentials)

Based on the site being connected to, either a username or certificate must be provided. A certificate must be provided as a "certificate" Jenkins credential where as a username can be provided as plain text. Once all of the above items have been provided, connection to the site can be tested via the "Check Connection" button.

Once a connection has been confirmed, information about the asset to upload can be filled in, as well as additional configuration items, such as deleting the asset after upload or launching a deployment run.

If you have questions about the usage or configuration of the CONS3RT Jenkins Plugin, please feel free to reach out to support