Deployment Run Credentials

CONS3RT requires that users provide username and password credentials before submitting a Deployment Run.

How to Set Credentials

After clicking the Launch button, there is a section on the Base Settings page to provide credentials.

  • Username -- This will be pre-populated with your account username, but you can set this to anything you'd like.
  • Password -- Please provide a complex password. Please keep in mind that operating system password criteria are not satisfied, your run may fail to provision. Please see notes attached to the selected operating system template for additional information or limitations.

What are these Credentials For

A user account with the specified credentials will be created on each host in your Deployment Run. This provides additional security to your resources, by limiting the use of shared credentials.

  • On Linux, this user has the ability to run administrative commands with sudo, or type sudo su - to become root
  • On Windows, this user will be a member of the Administrators group
  • Remote Access your hosts with these credentials

What if I forget my Credentials!?

Never fear! To retrieve your credentials:

  • Navigate to the Deployment Run page, where there is a list of Deployment Run Hosts
  • Click on the Deployment Run Host you'd like to log in to by clicking anywhere on the card
  • On the left-hand side, click the Show button on under "Your Credentials" to retrieve your credentials.

Note: If credentials are altered on the host either manually or with an asset, changes are NOT reflected under the "Your Credentials" display