Cloudspace IP Addresses

Each CONS3RT cloudspace has two networks by default, each with a class C (/24) address space. One network is called cons3rt-net for use by CONS3RT for provisioning, asset installations, and remote access. The other network is called the primary-net, for use by you for systems-to-system communication, and for Internet access.

IP Address Ranges in private Hanscom cloudspaces

This section is applicable to users with private Hanscom cloudspaces. Hanscom VMware-based cloudspaces typically use the following IP addressing scheme for the two networks:

  • cons3rt-net:
  • primary-net:

On the primary-net, the block of IPs is divided into pools as follows:

  • x.x.x.2-x.x.x.200: **CONS3RT range* dynamic pool used for auto assignment of IPs by CONS3RT
  • x.x.x.201-x.x.x.249: user range available for user assignment
  • x.x.x.250-x.x.x254: reserved for CONS3RT services, do not use

For example, most private Hanscom cloudspaces have a primary network with CIDR block: In this case, you should use addresses in this range if you'd like to assign an IP address.

User Assigned IP Addresses

The best way to configure IP addresses is to use an asset that assigns IP addresses as an alias, using an available address from the user range on the primary network as shown above. Alternatively, IP addresses can be configured manually after a system is deployed, but any changes would be lost when the deployment run is released.

Note: CONS3RT does not provide a mechanism to manage static IP addresses for you, so you will have to manage them within your team.

Custom Networks

Team managers can add custom networks by browsing to the appropriate cloudspace -> clicking the "Manage" button -> selecting "Networking" -> and clicking "+ Add". The team manager can specify the network name, IP range, gateway, netmask, CIDR block, where to allow external network traffic, and firewall/snat/dnat rules.

IP Addressing in AWS, Azure, and Openstack

In AWS, Azure, and Openstack cloudspaces, there is also a cons3rt-net and primary-net, however there is not a specific pool for CONS3RT IP addressing. Most AWS, Azure, and Openstack Cloudspaces use the following IP addressing scheme:

  • cons3rt-net:
  • primary-net

When CONS3RT deploys a system, it assigns any IP address not already in use from each of these pools shown above. To assign your own IP address, you must:

  • ensure the IP address in not in use, since there is not a dedicated user-range
  • make an API call to AWS, Azure, or Openstack to assign the IP address to your system