Asset Visibility

Visibility defines which other users can see and access your Assets in the library. Only the Owner can change its visibility.

The four levels of visibility are:

  1. "No One Else (sharing disabled)" - Only the original creator can see or use this asset. This is the default setting for any newly imported or assembled asset.
  2. "Member of {my project}" – These assets are only visible to members of the owning project, which allows a team to proceed with development and/or test in a private workspace. When set to this visibility, only members of the asset's project can access it.
  3. "Members of select projects" - In addition to being visible to the owning project, these assets are also visible to specific partner projects. This is granular for each registered partner.
  4. "Community" - Anybody in the site can view and, depending on their role, edit these assets.

Composite Assets can be given a different visibility than their components. This allows for the full assembly to be shared but not its individual parts.

To change visibility, go to the Asset's main page. Click on the "Who Has Access" dropdown menu and select the desired visibility.