Using Physical Machines

HmC gives you the power to register and provision physical machines into your cloudspace.

Registering a Physical Machine

Physical machines are registered to a single cloudspace. Thus, only projects that have access to the cloudspace can access and deploy the physical machine.

To register a physical machine to your cloudspace, please enter a support ticket at:

Using a Physical Machine

Once your physical machine is registered, it is available for use in HmC deployments. Use the System Builder to create a system, and then use the system in scenarios and deployments as per usual. This article explains how to use the System Builder to create a system in HmC.

Remote accessing your physical machine works the same as virtual machines, simply click the Connect button once your run is available.

Physical Machine Instance Limit

Each physical machine has an Instance Limit of exactly 1. This means that only one deployment run can be launched at a time for that physical machine. A physical machine may absolutely support multiple clients at the same time, but only one deployment run can be active containing that physical machine. Subsequent deployment runs containing a physical machine that is "in use" will remain scheduled until the active run is released.

Physical Machine Configuration

Each time a physical machine is provisioned, configurations may be made to the machine via the deployment itself, or via assets, for example:

  • Users added
  • Application installations
  • Media files staged
  • Properties, log files, and assets in the cons3rt agent directory (e.g. /opt/cons3rt-agent or C:\cons3rt-agent)
  • Firewall configurations

These configurations will remain on the physical machine for subsequent deployment runs, unless the machine is cleaned either manually, or automatically using assets.