Using a Custom Template

A note on using Custom Templates

The best way to configure your environment is using automation, instead of custom templates. Using automated configuration will increase the flexibility, repeatability, and maintainability of your systems. CONS3RT provided a suite of tools to enable you to fully automate your environments from networking, to application installs, to system specifications.

Create a System with your Custom Template

  • Click on the System Builder icon on the top-left
  • Under System Type, select Template-Based
  • Select Browse Templates
  • Select your Cloudspace from the drop-down-menu. If you don't see your Cloudspace, ensure you are in the correct project. You can change projects by selecting one from the Project menu on the top-right.
  • Select your custom template from the list. Most custom template use this format:
    • Operating System [Custom Text]
    • For example: Windows Server 2012 R2 [My Project]
  • Name your System, and click Next
  • Set the System Settings and click Next
  • (optional) Add any Software Assets, and click Next
  • Review your System which contains your Custom Template, and click Create System

Once your System is created, use it just like any other System in CONS3RT!