Software Asset Builder

Building Software Assets

You can create your own software assets using the software asset builder. To get started:

  • From the main menu, click on the Add button next to Software

Note: if you do not see the Add button, you may need permissions added in your project

Import Assed Button

  • If you have an asset zip file to import, click on the "I have an archive with a properties file" option, click "Next", and upload your asset zip file
  • Otherwise, select the "Use the software builder" option, and click "Next"
  • If you need to build source code in your asset, select "My source code needs to be compiled", otherwise, to create a software application asset, select "My files are ready for installation", and click "Next"
  • At the "Provide some details" step, add a name, and add optional info as needed:

Provide some details

  • At the "What resources does your software need?" screen, select the target Platform (Linux, Windows, Solaris, or OSX). Note, the platform is optional but is enforced when adding an asset to a system. Add other options as desired, but these are not currently enforced. Click "Next"
  • At the "Asset Content" screen, drag and drop your primary asset script to the scripts section. This will be the install script that CONS3RT runs on your system. It may call other scripts within the asset, or download additional executables. If you are creating a source code asset, also add your checkout, build, and deploy scripts at this step.

Asset Content

  • At the same screen, also add install media up to 3 GB. You can choose to either upload a single file, or add URL to automatically fetch remote content. The remote URL must be the location of the remote file, not a redirect or require  some sort of approval selection. Note you can only include one file, and it will end up in the media directory of your asset. If you need to include more than one file in your asset media, we recommend creating a zip file. If you would like you have multiple files in your media directory, click back and use the "I have an archive with a properties file" option.
  • Click "Finish"

You will find your asset located under Software on the main menu

Please enter a support ticket if you need to import an asset larger than 3 GB.