Exportable Asset Bundles

CONS3RT provides the capability to export an asset bundle for each host in your deployment runs. These asset bundles can deploy on virtual or physical hosts that are disconnected from CONS3RT (e.g. an offline, disconnected lab).

Export an Asset Bundle

When your run completes successfully (status is "Reserved" or "Completed") without errors you can export the asset bundle for each host.

  1. Click on the host from the Home page, or click on the Run page and select the host to export
  2. Select Export
  3. Click the Request Download button
  4. You will receive an email with a link to download the asset bundle when it is ready

Asset Bundle Export

Note: The download may take some time depending on the size of the bundle.

Use an Asset Bundle

Please read the prerequisites below to use an asset bundle that has been downloaded from CONS3RT.

Target Host Requirements

The assets contained in this bundle were verified on a specific operating system (OS). The target host for the asset bundle should resemble the same OS as much as possible.

  • Match the OS major, minor versions, and patch level of the OS as much as possible
  • Install the latest Java 8 or Java 10
  • If STIG rules are required, use CONS3RT STIG assets (part of the asset bundle) to implement STIG rules

Run the Installation

To run the asset bundle installer:

  1. Copy the asset bundle to the target host
  2. Install Java on the target host
  3. Unzip the asset bundle
  4. Run the following command:
  • Linux: $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar /path/to/bundle_dir/asset-bundle-installer.jar /path/to/bundle_dir/ [-dryrun] [-debug]
  • Windows Powershell: $env:JAVA_HOME\bin\java -jar C:\path\to\bundle_dir\asset-bundle-installer.jar C:\path\to\bundle_dir\ [-dryrun] [-debug]


-debug enable debug-level logging

-dryrun execute in dry run mode - do not actually run installer scripts

-help print help and exit

Important Considerations

  • Asset Permissions - In order to download an asset bundle, you must have visibility to all of the assets on the underlying System. If the System contains a private asset, or an asset that is not visible to you, you will not be able to download the asset bundle.
  • Asset Internet Connectivity - If you are installing this bundle in an offline environment, be sure to use assets that will function properly without Internet connectivity. For example, an asset that uses "yum install" would require connectivity to a yum repository.
  • Asset Reboots - The asset bundle installer is unable to reboot the Operating System in between asset installs. Please develop your assets such that they do not require rebooting until after all assets are installed.
  • Deployment Properties - The asset bundle includes deployment properties related to the deployment, but not the deployment run (e.g. IP address, networking , deployment run ID info), this information is only applicable to the run that was exported, but not to the target host.