Importing Your Asset Zip File

One you have created an asset zip file according to this article, you'll want to import it into CONS3RT. To do so:

  • On the main menu, next to Applications, click the Add button

Note: if you do not see the Add button, you need asset developer permissions in your project. Contact your Team Manager or Project Owner to set your project permissions.

  • If you have an asset zip file to import, click on the "I have an archive with a properties file" option, click "Next"
  • Drag and drop, or browse and select your asset zip file
  • You will see a file transfer bar at the bottom right
  • Keep an eye out for error notifications at the bottom left, in case any asset structure issues were detected
  • You should receive an email notification if your asset import succeeded, if it fails the notification will provide details:
    • If CONS3RT finds a problem with the asset
    • If CONS3RT detects a virus or malware in the asset. If you feel this is in error, please enter a support ticket
  • If you are having trouble importing your asset, see the section below for some typical troubleshooting steps

Troubleshooting Asset Imports

If you imported your asset but did not receive an email notification with a specific error message, please check these items and re-try your import:

  • Ensure your asset zip file was zipped at the contents level, and the parent directory was not included in your asset zip file
  • Ensure that the asset structure is correct as described here
    • Ensure there are no files at the root of the asset except the, license, and readme files
    • If license and readme files are included at the root, ensure the documentationFile and licenseFile properties have the correct file names
    1. Ensure the installScript property is set to the file name of your primary install script in the scripts directory