Asset Types

Generally speaking, Assets are the "things" that make up a CONS3RT system. There are three categories of Assets: Resource, Component and Composite.

Resource Assets

Elements of a cloud that are registered to be available for use by the CONS3RT. The Cloud Administrator controls which resources they want to allow access to. Examples include:
* Cloudspaces
* Networks
* Systems
* Devices
* Appliances

Component Assets

Component assets are the building blocks that mix and matched as part of Composite Assets. Components can be imported by a user with appropriate permissions via the web portal.
* Applications
* Source Code
* Virtual Services
* Test Cases

Composite Assets

Users assemble Component Assets by combining Resources and Components to define how systems and scenarios will be built, configured, and deployed. Users often refer to these as “recipes”, “blueprints,” or “manifests”. Assembly is done via the web portal.
* Systems
* Scenarios
* Deployments