Asset Tags

Add Tags to my Assets

Asset tags are useful when searching for assets of a specific category, and also to help users find assets that you have created. See below for information on a special asset tag called "Disruptive". You can assign up to 3 tags to each of your assets. To add a tag to one of your assets, on the asset page, click the "Edit Pencil" icon under Tags as shown in this image:

Default Project

Select up to 3 tags for this asset, and click Done! This image shows the selectable asset tags:

Default Project

Search for Assets using Tags

On the software asset page, tags are listed on the left-hand side. To filter the assets shown by one or more tag, simply select the tag(s). To un-filter, simply select the tag to un-highlight it. See the image below:

Default Project

A Special Tag: Disruptive Testing

There is a special asset tag called "Disruptive Testing". This is designed for use on assets that may raise security issues or flags. When CONS3RT installs an asset tagged as "Disruptive Testing" on a VM, CONS3RT notifies site administrators which asset is being used. This helps site administrators let upstream network providers know about the asset being installed an the activities that may follow. This helps mitigate "false alarm" security issues with upstream network providers. To add a "Disruptive" tag to one of your assets, simply follow the steps listed above, and use the Disruptive Testing tag.