Register with Certificate

Register your CAC or ECA Certificate

  1. Ensure your CAC or ECA cert is loaded into your browser
  2. Navigate to the HmC site
  3. Click OK after the Notice and Consent Page
  4. Click the Register button in the top-right, and follow the instructions
  5. Select the certificate that you would like to register, and enter the CAC PIN or ECA passphrase as needed
  6. You should receive an email with additional instructions for getting your HmC account approved

Note: Any of the CAC certs will work, but HmC recommends using the ID cert. The email cert has been associated with repetitive CAC pin prompts

Note: If you have any issues registering for an account please email the support team at

Certificate Info

CONS3RT sites supporting government users (e.g HmC) requires the use of PKI certificate credentials for authentication. These can include: