Cons3rt Dashboard

The dashboard is a new and helpful feature for users to become more aware of their impact on their project. The dashboard, which can be found on the My Projects Page, will automatically refresh to keep up with activity as well as display new information when your project is changed. The dashboard can always be reached through the main navigation menu.

Project Info

Project Info will display the name of your current project on the top. Underneath the number of members in that project and whether or not it is ITAR restricted.

Cloudspace Status

Cloudspace Status displays all cloudspaces that your current project is assigned along with their status of online or offline marked with a green or red circle respectively.

Site Alerts

Site Alerts keep you up to date with important dates in CONS3RT. Here you will see maintenance windows as well as important notifications on new updates or active issues being addressed.

Available Test Tools

Available Test Tools provides the user with an up to date list of test assets available for deployment runs. Clicking the "Browse all test assets" link will take the user to the full library of test assets.

Automated Provisioning and Virtual Resources

Automated Provisioning and Virtual Resources section allow a user to become more aware of their impact on their project. Here a graph can display the users usage over time along with their current consumption of the projects resources. This helps an active user be more mindful and resource friendly within their project.

Deployment Runs

The Deployment Runs section will show a list of all runs in the current project. Along with the deployment name, ID number, and owners name a user can see if the deployment is available, building, releasing, or encountered an error with the color tab attached to each run. Each name is actually a link to that deployment page allowing your quick access to any run in your project.

Getting Started and Documentation

Links to all of our training videos, user guides, and documentation are made readily available here to allow users to concur small problems in their work. You may still place a support ticket in with our team but we ask you first visit these articles because your issue may be know and addressed in documentation.