Add a New Certificate to your Account

Adding a new Certificate

Use the following steps to add a CAC or ECA certificate to your existing HmC account.

  1. Navigate to HmC
  2. Click the Sign-In button
  3. When prompted, select the new CAC or ECA certificate that you would like to associate.
  4. You should see an authentication error, but under that error there is an Account Assistance link.
  5. Click the Account Assistance link
  6. Select I Have a New Certificate
  7. Enter the email to add your CAC or ECA certificate to your existing account (Be sure to use the email address associated with your existing HmC account)
  8. Check your email for the link to associate your cert with your HmC account (If no email appears, be sure to check your spam filter. If no email appears after more than 15 minutes, contact
  9. Following the link, when prompted, select the new CAC or ECA certificate that you would like to associate
  10. You will be sent to a page with Client Certificate Details, please confirm that everything is correct, and then click Add Certificate

Once completed, navigate to and sign in with your new certificate.

Still having trouble?

First, try closing and re-opening your browser to clear any prior certificate selections.

If that does not work, your existing account might be inactive if you have had more than 30 days of inactivity.

  1. Follow these instructions to reactivate your account
  2. Once your account is reactivated, follow these steps above to add your new certificate

If you are still having issues please try verifying that you have the proper root certificates installed the steps are in this article:

Note: Account reactivation request may require re-approval from a Government sponsor.

More Help

Learn more about Certificates with our YouTube tutorials: