Transferring Files and Assets to HmC-S

Transferring Assets from HmC to HmC-S

The procedure to transfer files and component software assets (such as Applications, Container Images etc.)  from HmC to HmC-S is as follows:

  1. Identify the HmC Project(s) that contains assets that need to be transferred to HmC-S
    • If you need assistance uploading files into HmC using Assets see this KB Article
  2. Tag any HmC assets that will need to be transferred to HmC as "Export"
    • If you're unclear how to tag an asset please consult this KB Article
  3. Submit a support ticket either via the widget on the HmC site, or by sending an email to
    • Be sure to list the Projects where the Assets are located (we can then identify any assets tagged as export)

Alternately, HmC users can deliver disks or other hardware containing the assets and files that need to be transferred. Please put in a support ticket for more details if you would like to utilize this option.