Source Code Accounts

HmC provides built-in integrations with SoftwareForge and DI2E for building and deploying Source Code assets that use SoftwareForge Subversion or Bitbucket (Stash) as a source code repository. This is done via a site specific account in SoftwareForge and DI2E and simplifies the process for managing the required credentials. To use this integration, the site account must be allowed to access your source code project.

HmC and SoftwareForge Subversion Access

  • If your subversion repository is open to the Software Forge community, no additonal steps are required
  • If your subversion repository is private:
    • Add the hmcbuildservice user to your Software Forge project
    • Grant the role "Contributor" to the hmcbuildservice user. This allows CONS3RT to perform an "svn checkout" of your source code, but does not permit any commits to your source code.

HmC and DI2E Bitbucket (Stash) Access

  1. Add HmC Service account to repository (if needed)
    • Select your repository
    • Click the gear icon on the left hand toolbar
    • Click Repository permissions
    • Search for “zHMC Service Account” and select user
    • Choose permissions on the right hand side of the search bar
    • Click Add

2. Click on repository and select the value similar to what is circled in the figure below.


  1. Take that value and use it in the “Checkout” portion of your source code asset

Example Value:

git clone ssh://