Certificate Login Errors

For sites that support or require PKI authentication, users sometimes encounter errors with related to presenting certificates.

Make sure your CAC is inserted

It can and does happen! If you are attempting to connect with a CAC, please make sure that it is inserted and readable by your operating system.

Bad Password

If you mistype the PIN or password on a soft certificate, the certificate doe not get sent over and you will not be able to login.

Getting Started

The DoD Cyber Exchange site has good information on getting started with PKI/PKE.

Missing Certificate

If the user is presented with an error message in the browser that states a certificate is not presented or if the certificate selection dialog does not display the desired certificate, the most likey issue is a misconfiguration of the Operating System or Browser. Please see the sections in the knowledge base on Configuring Browsers, Supported Certificate, and Locked CAC for the most common solutions.

Configuring Browsers

Additional instructions for configuring your browser to use PKI.

Supported Certificate

Only supported certificate issuers are authorized by for use in DoD sites. These include DoD CAC, DoD External Certificate Authority (ECA) and DoD Interoperability Providers. In HmC, MITRE credentials are also supported. If the credential is not in the approved list, it will not appear as an option.

Locked CAC

DoD issued Common Access Cards (CACs) are designed to lock after three incorrect PIN entries. In some operating system/browser combinations it is not clear that the CAC is locked when being presented in the browser. To check if a CAC is locked, try unlocking the CAC via the local certificate middleware (e.g. ActiveClient on Windows or Keychain.app on Mac OS).

Wrong Certificate

If you experiencing issues with a mismatched certificate when attempting to login to CONS3RT, you may have to empty your browser cache. On Mac OSX, hold down command-shift-r and then restart your browser. If the issue persists, please email the support team at support@cons3rt.com.

Cross Certificate Issue

Occasionally, certificate configurations on Windows systems can become unusable, typically (but not always) when a user is issued new credentials from a different Certificate Authority (CA). This is a known issue that looks like the browser is presenting a certificate to the website, but really is not. This issue can be fixed by running the Cross Certificate Removal Tool.