Roles and Permissions


As a Project Manager, you can edit roles and permissions for members of your Project by following these steps:

  • Select Projects from the main navigation menu on the left-hand side
  • Click on a project that you manage
  • On the project page, click on the Members tab
  • Click on the down arrow at the top-right of a member card and select Edit Membership
  • In the pop-up window, check the boxes of the permissions that you would like to assign to the user, each is described below.

A project member can be assigned the permissions listed below, as determined by the Project Manager. Project members have the first three permissions by default.

  • Can view all resources shared within the project.
  • Can execute pre-configured deployment runs
  • Can build composite assets and execute deployment runs.
  • Can import and manage software.
  • Can import and manage test assets.
  • Can share assets with members of the project.
  • Can share assets outside of the project.
  • Can upload assets to external services
  • Can override deployment run power management settings
  • Can administer this project (grants all permissions to users).
  • Can manage project trusts and resources.
  • Can moderate project membership

Assign Express User Permissions

To make a member of your project an "Express User", set permissions as follows:

Express User

If you need more information on managing express users, please see this KB

Assign Asset Developer Permissions

To make a member of your project an "Asset Developer", set permissions as follows:

Asset Developer

Assign Project Manager Permissions

To make a member of your project a "Project Manager", so he/she can manage project membership and permissions, set permissions as follows:

Project Manager

Assign Project Owner Permissions

To make a member of your project a "Project Owner", set permissions as follows:

Project Owner

More Help

Review this process with the following video tutorial: